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Proc†orFree and ASC

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Online Proctored Exams for Certification, Education, and Employment

ProctorFree and Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC), the pioneers in the use of AI in assessment and psychometrics, are proud to partner to make taking exams online more convenient without compromising validity.

ASC's FastTest platform provides an end to end platform for developing high-quality exams, complete with online proctoring from ProctorFree to verify test-taker identity and ensure exam integrity. 

Together, ProctorFree and ASC are proud to offer a full range of testing services, including:

  • Item banking
  • Online testing
  • Easy scoring
  • Online proctoring
  • Psychometrics

This offering empowers organizations to shorten timelines and make exams more convenient without ever compromising validity. Organizations can publish new exams in days, not weeks or months, and can always trust in the integrity of the results.

To learn more about ProctorFree and ASC, complete the form on this page, and a testing expert will be in touch shortly. 

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