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Case Study: National Fireplace Institute

Trade Association Certification Exams Simplified with Online Proctoring

ProctorFree-Case-Study-National Fireplace Institute - Cover

In an effort to streamline their proctoring experience, the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) sought both a practical and technological solution that integrated seamlessly with their current Learning Management System (LMS). 

Since 2018, ProctorFree has enabled this trade association to deliver on-demand certification exams online for a high-stakes industry.

Download the case study, Trade Association Certification Exams Simplified with Online Proctoring, to learn how our best-in-class online proctoring solution:

  • Supports a direct integration with the Gauge by Test.com LMS
  • Delivers on-demand proctoring solutions
  • Provides best-in-class customer support to users

Download the case study now to learn more.

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