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while maintaining the credibility of our exams, which is critical to our organization. Our experience with ProctorFree has been great. Easy for the client when taking the exam, accurate, thorough reporting to us when the exam is over, economical and great customer service. We are a very happy customer!
Rick Vlahos Executive Director

ProctorFree took the time to learn about us

The Linguistics field has its own unique set of needs and challenges based on the test takers’ locations and varying testing requirements. ProctorFree took the time to learn about us—our industry, our workflow, our testing—in order to offer the best solutions. Their customer & technical support staff is extraordinary in their knowledge, technology and patience - both to us and to our test takers.
Romi G. Hubbard President & CEO, Gracor Language Services

I piloted ProctorFree with my master’s students this past semester.

Normally the students take almost 2.5 hours to complete a 125 item exam. The averaged time with ProctorFree was one hour and 20 minutes. I commented to one of my team members that the exam must have been too easy. Their comment back was, “No, they just couldn't cheat this time.” We all have those AH HA moments in our lives and this was one of those. One student commented that she had studied harder for this exam than any other exam she had taken in the Master’s program. I truly believe distance accessible courses without proctoring of exams are a thing of the past.
Professor Using ProctorFree for 7+ years

Thank you!

I was able to get the report yesterday afternoon & this guy is shipping out this weekend. Thanks as always for your great service…esp in these crazy times.
Commercial Client Using ProctorFree during COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s been FANTASTIC.

I seriously couldn’t be happier. Thank you for a fantastic service that you’ve put together.
Law Enforcement Educator Using ProctorFree in an un-integrated format

Love that!

We can totally do that, it fits in my budget. I wanted to add proctoring as an additional service and not as an additional cost to our candidates.
CEU Education Specialist Using ProctorFree for State Board Accredited Education

News you can use!

Just spoke with my 2nd client to use ProctorFree......He is a former client of another proctoring company. He loves PF...gushed about the ease of use...no scheduling...happy client. Take care.
Professional License Educator Delivering State Board Accredited Professional Education using ProctorFree

24/7 Access

On demand proctoring. No pre-scheduling or appointments required.

Simple & Flexible

Easy to set-up, responsive support, and customizable to fit your needs.


Prices that match your budget. No more requiring students to drive on site, no more physical exams, no more paying for a live proctor.

Hi, I'm Mike Murphy

At ProctorFree we are rooted in being service-oriented, good-natured, and we always stop to listen to our partners. We believe if one can improve the delivery of education, one can positively impact society. We help ensure education is delivered successfully and with integrity to a global audience.

Mike Murphy
mike murpy ceo ceo