Simplify Your Hiring Assessments

Manage assessments for high-volume applicant flows in a hybrid or fully remote format, with identity verification and fraud prevention.
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Streamlined and Secure Proctoring Services

Building a standardized and strategic hiring process is central to any company's growth. Evolutions in the hiring process and increased applicant volumes can test the bandwidth of legacy systems, and being prepared for this influx will help your team avoid wasting time and resources while focusing on their essential tasks.

Identity Verification Icon

Identity Verification

Ensure candidates are who they say they are with built-in identity verification

Hybrid / Fully Remote

Hybrid or Fully-Remote

Be prepared with the flexibility to offer assessments in multiple formats

Hiring at Scale

Hiring at Scale

Manage changes in volume and demand by being prepared with a system that scales

Hiring and Pre-Hiring Assessments

Offering hiring assessments in a hybrid or fully remote format is both commonplace and crucial for any organization focused on hiring and growth. ProctorFree partners an advanced proctoring system that verifies identity and monitors exams, with leading assessment delivery platforms, and a top-tier technical support team.

Integrity in the hiring process is critical. From identity verification to fraud prevention, we've built a system that helps supplement your hiring process with the tools you need to manage high volumes of applications and interviews. ProctorFree works with your already established commercial testing platforms, Learning Management Systems, and Applicant Tracking Systems.

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