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A Proctoring Platform that is Easy to Use

ProctorFree allows students to take exams from anywhere with a standard microphone, webcam, and an internet connection. With 1 click sign-on, and market leading support, ProctorFree allows students to focus on their quizzes, assessments, exams, mid-terms, finals, all of the above. Not on technical issues.

On Demand Proctoring 24/7

ProctorFree is built with flexibility in mind. Students can take their exam anytime, no complicated pre-scheduling required. No need to wait in a queue for an extended period of time or pay increased fees to take their exam now. No need for students to visit a library, testing center, or campus to finish a test. They receive the flexibility of online testing, while ProctorFree ensures an equitable testing environment for all.

Affordable online proctoring

ProctorFree is built by educators who understand the financial requirements of Colleges and Universities. There’s no need to adopt expensive or cumbersome processes to add an additional layer of security. Our pricing model is simple and flexible. With no complicated usage requirements or term limits, we can have you ready-to-launch faster so you can focus on student outcomes.

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Thanks for the quick turnaround

I was nervous about keeping our course on track during the COVID-19 pandemic and also juggling stressed out students. Thank you for the quick response to getting us setup in my course and for making this whole process easier than I had anticipated.
Nursing Instructor Using ProctorFree in the Moodle LMS

I piloted ProctorFree with my master’s students this past semester.

Normally the students take almost 2.5 hours to complete a 125 item exam. The averaged time with ProctorFree was one hour and 20 minutes. I commented to one of my team members that the exam must have been too easy. Their comment back was, “No, they just couldn't cheat this time.” We all have those AH HA moments in our lives and this was one of those. One student commented that she had studied harder for this exam than any other exam she had taken in the Master’s program. I truly believe distance accessible courses without proctoring of exams are a thing of the past.
Professor Using ProctorFree for 7+ years

Thank you for the quick setup!

I was skeptical that I would be able to have this setup in Canvas in time for our mid-terms. I can't thank you enough for getting this ready and it's a relief that I don't need to re-build any of my proctored quizzes any differently than how I normally set them up.
Math Professor Using ProctorFree in the Canvas LMS

Why ProctorFree?

We believe if one can improve the delivery of education, one can positively impact society. ProctorFree is designed with educators, administrators, and directors in mind. Our online proctoring solution facilitates successful proctoring, ensuring integrity during exams. Contact us today to learn how ProctorFree can elevate your online testing environment.

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