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ProctorFree exam proctoring offers your students and test takers the freedom to take a proctored exam where and when they want. No more scheduling an exam, paying for an on site proctor, or relying on humans to catch every instance of cheating.


What is Exam Proctoring?

What is an Exam?

A test or examination (exam) is an assessment intended to measure a person’s knowledge, skill, or ability in one specific subject or a variety of topics and in present day are primarily administered on paper or on a computer. This can be done in-person or online.


What is a Proctor?

A proctor is a person who takes charge of, or acts for, another. The word proctor is frequently used to describe someone who oversees an exam. In today’s testing environment, a proctor will typically verify a student’s identity by checking a photo ID and then ensures academic integrity guidelines are followed during the exam.


What is ProctorFree?

ProctorFree is an automated, exam proctoring solution that requires no human involvement. Providing a scalable, online, on-demand exam proctoring service that can be accessed by test takers at any time allows colleges, universities, and businesses to offer a truly efficient solution to the problem of proctoring exams on a large scale.


How Exam Proctoring Works

Every student is required to have a computer with a standard camera, microphone, and an internet connection.


ProctorFree before the exam

ProctorFree authenticates the student using facial recognition and maintains continuous identity verification throughout the exam.

ProctorFree’s online student authentication solution meets the standards outlined in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. ProctorFree also ensures all of our solutions are FERPA compliant and we maintain focus on keeping the institution and student protected by requiring the minimum amount of information and treating it with the strictest protocols.


ProctorFree during the exam

ProctorFree allows students flexibility to access web pages or applications, provided that is allowed for that particular exam. Throughout the exam ProctorFree also monitors for a variety of events, behaviors, and patterns typically associated with cheating. We call those anomalies.

We allow students to test in their comfort zone. We know taking an exam can be stressful. We want the student to feel comfortable while taking their exam. That’s why we provide unobstructed, non-disruptive monitoring.


ProctorFree after the exam

Once the exam is complete, a detailed and optimized report of the proctor session is provided to the test administrator (i.e. faculty, administration, etc.) for review. Instructors and administrators can log into ProctorFree’s review dashboard to easily sort and view results. We highlight where anomalies occurred. The administrator maintains autonomy to determine if the student cheated or not.


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Exam proctoring technology is an important and increasingly important consideration for many higher education institutions and professional organizations. 
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