Fully Automated Proctoring

Advanced technology for identity verification and behavior reporting.
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A software-only identity verification and exam recording solution. Fully automated ProctorFree sends streams of data to a secure cloud for processing and review to identify and report suspicious behavior, adding an additional level of deterrence for assessments, quizzes, and exams.

Automated Proctoring Services

Fully automated proctoring services for higher education

Higher Education Quizzes, Exams, and Assessments

  • Review audit trails of proctored session data
  • Ensure identity verification throughout all exams
  • Great for low-stakes assessments for synchronous or asynchronous courses
K-12 student using fully automated proctoring services

K-12 Hybrid and Remote Learning Environments

  • Ensure test-taker data is treated with strict confidentiality
  • Maximize the security and integrity of the exam-taking process
  • Support testing in hybrid or remote learning environments

Fully automated proctoring for certifications and licensing

Certification & Licensure or Pre-Hiring Assessments

  • Give your test takers flexibility and peace of mind
  • Save time and lower travel and operations costs
  • Allow HR teams to expand recruitment territory and enhance candidate vetting and evaluation

“ProctorFree gives us the ability to meet the needs of our clients while maintaining the credibility of our exams, which is critical to our organization. Our experience with ProctorFree has been great. Easy for the client when taking the exam, accurate, thorough reporting to us when the exam is over, economical and great customer service. We are a very happy customer!”

Rich Vlahos
Executive Director, National Fireplace Institute

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