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Jenzabar is a comprehensive e-learning platform that offers a complete learning management system (LMS), student identification system (SIS), and a host of additional solutions for higher education, associations, and organizations across the world.

The ProctorFree-Jenzabar integration provides additional degrees of security for higher education institutions that require a medium- to high-stakes assessment of knowledge and ability. ProctorFree's cutting-edge technology continuously confirms a student's identity, deters academic dishonesty, and protects exam material integrity by preventing recording or copying throughout the exam.

ProctorFree can be made available on a per-course or institution-wide basis with the team at ProctorFree providing training, onboarding, and technical support at no charge. Should a test-taker, or anyone, have a question, ProctorFree has world-class support available. You will never have to wait for help or to get an answer to your questions.

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  • Guidance, training, and support on how to streamline the test-taking process and communicate to both faculty & students
  • Competitive pricing models that support a host of options for our customers

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