Online Proctoring Partnerships and Integrations

Best-in-class integrations to ensure online exams always run smoothly


We are proud to partner with top learning management systems and testing platforms.

LMS Partners

ProctorFree’s online proctoring services include best-in-class integrations with top LMS platforms, including Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, and Moodle. Our on-demand online proctoring platform integrates seamlessly with these platforms and continuously expands its integrations portfolio.

Canvas LMS Proctoring


The Canvas LMS platform delivers an open and flexible learning ecosystem that allows colleges and universities to build an online learning experience that meets their specific and unique needs. Canvas LMS simplifies teaching and elevates learning for educational institutions worldwide. 

ProctorFree’s best-in-class online proctoring services and solutions integrate seamlessly with Canvas LMS, providing an engaging and thoughtfully-designed test-taking experience.

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Blackboard LMS Remote Proctoring


Blackboard is a top edtech provider that serves colleges, universities, K-12 schools, businesses, and government organizations across the world. Blackboard combines a deep understanding of education and testing with powerful technology to bring learners a robust learning experience. Blackboard’s mission is to advance learning together with the global education community so that all students, educators, and institutions realize their goals today and prepare for tomorrow. Blackboard offers an extremely fluid and easy user experience designed with test-takers in mind.

ProctorFree has supported a truly seamless integration with Blackboard LMS for nearly 10 years. ProctorFree’s online proctoring services include providing industry-leading support for educational institutions migrating to the Blackboard Ultra platform, while also maintaining support for any institution that continues to use the Blackboard Building Block experience. ProctorFree is available on a per-course or school-wide basis in the Blackboard LMS. 

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D2L Brightspace LMS Online Proctoring


D2L’s online learning platform, Brightspace, allows you to transform the experience to meet educators’ and learners’ needs, no matter where or who they are. Brightspace by D2L is an LMS used by K-12, higher education institutions, and commercial and corporate clients to deliver robust and valuable online learning experiences. Quizzes and assessments within the Brightspace by D2L LMS platform are a great way to evaluate the learnings of a test-taker within a particular class. 

ProctorFree has built and maintained a seamless integration with Brightspace by D2L’s LMS for nearly 10 years and are regularly optimizing and enhancing the online proctoring experience within the platform.

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Moodle LMS Online Proctoring with ProctorFree


Moodle is a user-friendly LMS that supports learning and training needs for a wide range of institutions and organizations across the world. Moodle’s modular nature and inherent flexibility makes it an ideal platform for both academic and enterprise-level applications of any size. 

ProctorFree’s online proctoring services and solutions integrate seamlessly with Moodle LMS, providing safe and secure online proctoring for Moodle users.

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Online Proctoring with Udutu LMS and ProctorFree


Udutu is a cloud-based LMS with an integrated Course Authoring tool leveraged by organizations to deliver employee, customer, channel, and compliance training offerings.

ProctorFree’s online proctoring services and solutions integrate seamlessly with Udutu, providing an intuitive and secure online proctoring experience for Udutu users.

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Test Platforms

ProctorFree online proctoring solutions also integrate with top testing platforms, such as Digital Chalk and Gauge by Our robust product offerings and partnerships are always expanding to meet the needs of our clients.


Online Proctoring with Digital Chalk Test Platform

Digital Chalk

Digital Chalk is a powerful and flexible suite of tools for continuing education companies, from small businesses to enterprise organizations. Digital Chalk provides instructors with a way to design courses and organize course content such as videos, assignments, surveys, and exams. 

ProctorFree provides integrated proctoring technology that launches automatically from within an exam taken in DigitalChalk. It’s the perfect fit for continuing education providers who want to add an additional layer of rigor or integrity to their CE program. ProctorFree and Digital Chalk, when offered together, make enterprise-level capabilities to all.

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ProctorFree Remote Proctoring with Gauge by Test Platform

Gauge by

Gauge offers enterprise-level course authoring and exam delivery tools at your fingertips. Integrated with ProctorFree, Gauge allows you to easily integrate on-demand proctoring with any exam authored on the Gauge platform.

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Online Proctoring with ASC Test Platform and ProctorFree

Assessment Systems (ASC)

ASC provides comprehensive, AI-driven software for digital assessment. Our platform provides a single ecosystem to drive secure and valid exams, from item banking to online delivery to reporting.  Modern psychometrics are used to drive best practices, from automated item generation (AIG) to item response theory (IRT) to computerized adaptive testing (CAT).

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Additional Integrations

ProctorFree is proud to integrate seamlessly with these software applications.

ProctorFree Online Proctoring integration with Jenzabar LMS

Jenzabar offers a complete learning management system (LMS), student identification system (SIS), and a host of additional solutions for higher education. For higher education institutions that necessitate a medium- to high-stakes assessment of knowledge and competency, the ProctorFree-Jenzabar integration establishes additional levels of security.

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Other Partnerships

ProctorFree is proud to partner with additional organizations in the online learning and testing industry.

Online Proctoring partnership with NCTA


The NCTA is a non-profit organization of testing professionals founded to enhance professional testing opportunities, offer opportunities for professional development, encourage professional support activities, and advance collaborative efforts around testing professionals, testing companies, and other policy-making agencies.

Remote Proctoring Partnership with ATP


The ATP is a global non-profit organization representing providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services related to assessment, selection, screening, certification, licensing, educational, occupational or clinical use. The goals of the ATP Security Committee are to (1) identify methods to improve test security, (2) establish and disseminate security best practices, and (3) protect the integrity of tests and test programs.

Partner with ProctorFree

ProctorFree partners with leading management systems and test delivery engines. Partners enjoy added credibility and a strong reputation by having ProctorFree integrated with their online testing solutions.