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Gauge offers enterprise level course authoring and exam delivery tools at your fingertips. Integrated with ProctorFree, Gauge allows you to easily integrate on-demand proctoring with any exam authored on the Gauge platform.

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Enterprise & On Demand Proctoring


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Gauge and ProctorFree Seamlessly Integrated

Wow, I can't thank you enough!

"When I told my training director we were implementing a new proctoring tool I was concerned about the additional setup time. Well, there is NO setup time, I simply flag something to be proctored and my candidates launch it on their own. Very pleased."
Commercial Client Using Gauge & ProctorFree

Where were you this whole time!

My support tickets have dropped dramatically and the few users who do ask for help rave about your customer service! Keep up the great work, you're making me look good!"
Certification Body Client Using Gauge & ProctorFree

Works like you said it would!

"We've had some ups and downs over the years running large cohorts through our training and end-of-course exam. Working with ProctorFree has been a breeze and this has changed the game for us."
Professional License Educator Delivering State Board Accredited Professional Education using Gauge & ProctorFree