DigitalChalk and ProctorFree

DigitalChalk offers you the ability to be in control of a robust and flexible Learning Management System. Offering industry leading support, the integration between ProctorFree and DigitalChalk’s platform takes delivering secure online assessments to a new level.

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DigitalChalk & ProctorFree together in one platform!

The new setup is great, much more user friendly - simple really. Good work.

When I told one student today there would be a new option for the proctored test, he was quite ebullient. He said it took him three hours to get thru the old proctor set up before he could test. Our students are very excited to use ProctorFree!
Commercial Client Using DigitalChalk & ProctorFree

We have a huge first win!

First client completed without any issues, this was a 65+ year old non-technical man!!"
Commercial Client Using DigitalChalk & ProctorFree

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Just spoke with my 2nd client to use ProctorFree......He is a former client of another proctoring company. He loves PF...gushed about the ease of scheduling...happy client. Take care.
Professional License Educator Delivering State Board Accredited Professional Education using DigitalChalk & ProctorFree