DigitalChalk LMS Proctoring

Proctoring Designed for DigitalChalk Students, Instructors, and Administrators

logo-digitalchalkloDigitalChalk offers a robust and flexible Learning Management System (LMS) designed to deliver a powerful and sustainable online learning strategy for administrators and test-takers alike.

Integrated with ProctorFree, DigitalChalk users have access to a full suite of proctoring tools to increase testing security through identity management, secure browser, and more. 

From transformative employee training to a robust course creator and marketing platform, DigitalChalk offers a true all-in-one solution for online learning. Coupled with ProctorFree's industry-leading tools and support, the integration between ProctorFree and DigitalChalk’s platform takes delivering secure online assessments to a new level.

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  • Guidance, training, and support on how to streamline the test-taking process
  • Competitive pricing models that support a host of options for our customers

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