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ProctorFree Reviews

Customers love ProctorFree!

Customers love ProctorFree because it's easy to use, we have exceptional customer support, and we impact key business results. Here's what customers say about ProctorFree.



The customer service is excellent, not just for us, but for our students. Our job is to make our caregivers’ lives easier, not harder. ProctorFree makes the process very simple and easy.
Robin VanHyning
President, Healthcare Training Organization

"I am so happy with the online proctoring services that ProctorFree has provided! It has made our processes so much easier and efficient."

Romi H.
President & CEO
“Our experience with ProctorFree has been fantastic, and I'm sure you will find it as well if you choose them to work with you."
Lisa R.
HR Director
"ProctorFree took the time to learn about us - our industry, our workflow, our testing - in order to offer the best solutions. Their customer & technical support staff is extraordinary in their knowledge, technology and patience - both to us and to our test-takers."
Collin H.
Operations Director
“The speed of the very attentive employees to resolve a client's issues is fascinating, more services in the current era should take your brilliant examples in time-saving and user-friendly support. A pleasure to be using ProctorFree.”
Mike S.
Certification & Licensure
“The experience between ProctorFree and my team has been nothing less than wonderful. They are always willing to meet with me on a dime, constant check-ins and always checking for feedback as I notice they are customer-driven."
Theo P.
Director of Operations

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What Test-Takers Say about our Online Proctoring Software

Test-Takers Love the Ease of Use and Customer Support 


ProctorFree's solutions are best-in-class and designed with test-takers' needs in mind. From certification to employment to higher education, here's what test-takers have to say about ProctorFree.


  • "Everything was great, very easy-to-use."

  • "Very easy to use!"

  • "I found the online proctoring experience easy to navigate and well explained."

  • "Easy system to navigate!"

  • "ProctorFree's remote proctoring is really easy to access and user-friendly." 

  • "So easy to use!" 

  • "ProctorFree's remote proctoring process was simple and easy."

  • "Authentication for online proctoring was smooth!"

  • "Easy to download and use." 

  • "Quick and easy to install as I was starting my Practice Exam. Very simple to verify. Overall, great experience!" 


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