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D2L is a Learning Management System being used by K-12, higher education colleges and universities, and clients in the commercial and corporate sector to deliver robust online learning experiences. 

As part of that, the quizzes and assessments within the D2L platform are a fantastic way to measure the learning journey of a student or candidate within a given course. With that in mind, ProctorFree has built and maintained a seamless integration with the D2L platform for nearly a decade and is constantly looking for ways to enhance the experience.

Whether you are an LMS administrator, a faculty member, or a student, ProctorFree was designed to be easy to set up, easy to implement in a class, and most importantly, easy to use from a student's point of view. If you can use Zoom or GoToMeeting, you can use ProctorFree.

ProctorFree can be made available on a per-course or institution-wide basis with the team at ProctorFree providing training, onboarding, and technical support at no charge. Should a test taker, or anyone, have a question, ProctorFree has world-class support available. You should never have to wait for help or to get an answer to your questions.

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  • Free onboarding and training for life along with world-class customer service and technical support

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