Remote Proctoring

ProctorFree remote proctoring offers organizations and test-takers flexibility to take proctored exams wherever and whenever they want.


What is Remote Proctoring?

Remote proctoring, also known as online proctoring, or in some parts of the world as invigilation software, is technology that increases the efficiency and scalability of proctored exams. 

Features of Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring includes:
  • Identity Management - to verify that a person who shows up to the exam is the correct person
  • Continuous Identity Verification - to ensure that the person who is taking the exam continues to be the correct person, and
  • Deterrence Capabilities - to deter or significantly limit access to prohibited materials during the exam or actions that would allow the test material to be copied or distributed
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How Does Remote Proctoring Work?

Remote proctoring solutions work in conjunction with your learning management system, or as a standalone application. There are four core parts to the test-taking process with remote proctoring technology in use:
  • First, verify the person taking the test is the right person.
  • Second, recording data streams including webcam footage, screen recording, and audio.
  • Third, analyzing the data streams to produce a report with suggestions for the exam administrator of where to take a closer look.
  • And fourth, flagging questionable or abnormal activity and identify the severity of the infraction. 
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Benefits of Remote Proctoring

  • It gives peace of mind.
  • Promotes integrity and brand credibility. 
  • Deters academic dishonesty. 
  • Prevents test items from being copied and leaked online. 
  • Builds program credibility.
Remote proctoring on a computer screen

How Remote Proctoring Works

Every test-taker is required to have a computer with a standard camera, microphone, and an internet connection.


Remote proctoring before your Exam

ProctorFree authenticates the student using facial recognition and maintains continuous identity verification throughout the exam.

ProctorFree’s remote proctoring solution includes a test-taker authentication solution that meets all current standards under the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 as well as FERPA. 

Our remote proctoring technology and organization remain focused on keeping institutions, organizations, students, and test-takers protected by requiring the minimum amount of information and treating it with only the strictest privacy and security protocols.


Remote Proctoring during your exam

ProctorFree's remote proctoring allows students and test-takers flexibility to access web pages or applications, provided that is allowed for that particular exam. Throughout the exam, ProctorFree also monitors for a variety of events, behaviors, and patterns typically associated with cheating. These are called anomalies.

We allow test-takers to take their exam in their comfort zone. We know taking an exam can be stressful. We want test-takers to feel comfortable while taking their exam. That’s why we provide unobstructed, non-disruptive monitoring.


Remote proctoring after the exam

Once the exam is complete, a detailed and optimized report of the proctor session is provided to the test administrator (i.e. faculty, administration, etc.) for review.

Instructors and administrators can log into ProctorFree’s remote proctoring review dashboard to easily sort and view results. We highlight where anomalies occurred. The administrator maintains autonomy to determine if the test-taker's behavior constitutes cheating or another violation.


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Remote proctoring technology is an increasingly important consideration for many higher education institutions and professional organizations. 
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