Udutu LMS Proctoring with ProctorFree

A Seamless Proctoring Experience with Udutu


Udutu is a cloud-based LMS with an integrated Course Authoring tool leveraged by organizations to deliver employee, customer, channel, and compliance training offerings. 

Within the Udutu platform, test takers and administrators alike are able to access and manage full courses and proctored exams. Whether you're an exam administrator or a test-taker, ProctorFree was designed to be easy to use. If you can use Zoom or GoToMeeting, you can use ProctorFree.

ProctorFree can be made available on a per-course or institution-wide basis with the team at ProctorFree providing training, onboarding, and technical support at no charge. Should a test-taker, or anyone, have a question, ProctorFree has world-class support available. You will never have to wait for help or to get an answer to your questions.

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  • Guidance, training, and support on how to streamline the test-taking process and communicate to both faculty & students
  • Competitive pricing models that support a host of options for our customers

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