What is Exam Invigilation?


Exam invigilation is an important component of exam management for academic and professional organizations. Invigilation, also known as proctoring, is an essential element of any exam, test, or quiz, because it maintains exam integrity. A proctor or invigilator ensures that no unfair or nefarious activities are utilized during exams, tests, or quizzes.

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What is an exam invigilator?

An exam invigilator is responsible for ensuring that exams, tests, and quizzes, are conducted in an appropriate manner within the allotted time frame and in accordance with any exam rules and procedures. The main role of an exam invigilator is to supervise students and ensure that exam rules, regulations, and other protocols are followed at all times. An exam invigilator is also known as a proctor.


What is remote invigilation?

Historically, exam invigilation referred to the physical presence of an exam invigilator during the exam period whose responsibility was to oversee the exam and ensure that all test-takers adhere to all rules of the exam. 

Today, the exam invigilation can be automated for online exams, tests, and quizzes. Test-takers from any remote location can be monitored using invigilation software, also known as remote or online proctoring software. Exam invigilation software uses technology to remotely authorize, authenticate, and monitor candidates during any assessment, including tests, quizzes, and exams. 

Remote invigilation works by using an algorithm that detects and flags suspicious or unusual behavior, such as a test-taker moving offscreen or consulting with another person.


Who needs exam invigilation?

Any university, school, or professional organization that wishes to add a layer of protection and rigor to their exams, tests, and quizzes should consider using exam invigilation. The higher the stakes of the exam or test, the higher priority exam invigilation should be. 


Advantages of Remote Invigilation

  • Lowers the cost of managing exams, tests, and quizzes
  • Streamlines management of exams by eliminating need for physical testing centers
  • Expands the reach of a college, university, or other organization, since test-takers can take an exam from any location
  • A better exam experience for test-takers - exams and other tests taken at home are more relaxing, resulting in increased productivity, lower exam anxiety, and higher passage rates of exams

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