Going All In on Online Education with James Drury, President and Owner of Cornerstone-edu

In this episode, we talk with James Drury, President and Owner of Cornerstone-edu, about how he launched his own online education company, the subtle nuances of the auctioneering industry, what your strategy should be going into an auction, and much more.



About the Guests

James Drury

James Drury has been a licensed Auctioneer in Illinois since 2001. A Graduate of the Repperts School of Auctioneering, Mr. Drury began his auction career in the medical auction area in 1999. Mr. Drury traveled throughout the country assisting hospitals in the disposition of their excess medical equipment, utilizing the auction method of disposition. James founded www.cornerstone-edu.com an online continuing education school for auctioneers in 2012. The school provides a 24/7 online continuing education classes in a video format and online proctored exams for the convenience of Auctioneer license renewal.

Key Quotes:

“The future is going to be more online auctions. Where you can watch an auction anywhere around the world and bid on something you like.”

“The thing you should know about auctioneering is: Know what you're bidding on and don't get caught up in the theater of the auction. You have to know how much you're willing to spend, how much you're willing to lose, and how badly you want it.”


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