How to Set Your Learners up for Success with Troy Tolle, CTO of Sciolytix, and J Johnston, Account Manager at ProctorFree

In this episode, we talk with Troy Tolle, CTO and Co-Founder of Sciolytix, and J Johnston, Account Manager at ProctorFree, about how to personalize the learning experience, setting your customers up for success, the future of online education, and much more.



About the Guests

Troy Tolle

Troy was a co-founder and CTO of Infinity Learning Systems, the parent company of DigitalChalk. Career highlights include his chairmanship of the Strategic Advisory Board for Computer Science at NC State, Advisory Cabinet member for Congressman Heath Shuler, and partnering with Google to provide scholarships in computer science. Troy is a recognized thought leader in cloud technology and travels extensively speaking about education, leadership, and cloud computing. A sought-after industry pioneer, Tolle collaborates with the largest cloud providers shaping their offerings and actively pursues the creation and adoption of new technologies helping deliver better learning experiences. Troy has a Masters of Computer Science from NC State University where he is a member of the Hall of Fame.

J Johnston

J has recently joined ProctorFree as an Account Manager. Previously, he was the Vice President of Client Success at Sciolytix as well as a Customer Success Manager at DigitalChalk. J is passionate about technology and data, and how they impact peoples’ decision-making.

Key Quotes:

"I look at the product through these lenses: are people satisfied using the product? Are they growing with the product? Are they expanding how they're using the product over time? And are they meeting their initial goals during the onboarding and implementation process?" - J Johnston, ProctorFree


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