How to Teach People to Care with Robin VanHyning, Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Healthcare Training

In this episode, we talk with Robin VanHyning, Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Healthcare Training, about the sacrifice and selflessness it takes to be a caregiver, how to personalize the online learning experience for your students, the future of the caregiving industry, and much more.



About the Guests

Robin VanHyning

Cornerstone was born out of Robin's passion for caring for others; a passion that is weaved into every aspect of her life. Robin has over 30 years of experience as a geriatric nurse, she is a licensed nursing home and assisted living administrator, and has owned and operated an adult family home. When not brainstorming ways to better serve Cornerstone students, she can be found walking in the woods, caring for her mother living with dementia, reading, traveling, and whale watching.

Key Quotes:

“When a customer interacts with us, we hope they’ll experience a moment of kindness and compassion. You're never going to be a number with us. You'll know our names, we'll know yours. And our goal is to help you be successful because we know that we don't have any success without your success.”

“I was worried that in online learning, I wouldn't have a connection with students. But we know a lot of our students by name because we have video interaction.”


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