ProctorFree - Behind the Scenes of Online Proctoring

What happens in the operating room of ProctorFree?

When taking online exams with a proctoring solution, students often question how the solution is actually ensuring academic integrity. Let’s demystify how ProctorFree holds its exam takers to a high standard of honesty and integrity. Step into the operating room of ProctorFree and learn how we analyze 100% of every proctored exam session.

Sessions are first subjected to an automated analysis by our industry-leading analytics software. The analytics review evaluates each exam taker’s behavior, based largely on their interaction with the computer and their environment relative to expected exam taking behavior. Exam takers also undergo persistent facial recognition analysis, which confirms their identity matches our student profile of record. This automated audit analyzes 100% of the exam sessions proctored in our solution.

Upon completion of the automated audit, our professional human auditing team reviews every exam. To date, the auditing team has analyzed every minute of recorded exam sessions captured in 2016. The human auditing team evaluates the computer-generated suspect regions and analyzes additional signals based on the exam-taker’s behavior and actions.

Every exam session minute in 2016 has been manually audited to assure institutions, faculty and students that ProctorFree is committed to providing a tool that significantly increases academic integrity. Importantly, the analysis is also used to further enhance our processes and machine learning algorithms.

Upon completion of the human audit, many exams undergo additional quality assurance and analysis audits. Every Audit of Interest (those in which we have identified suspicious behavior) is subjected to an additional audit, which is conducted by a senior member of our professional auditing team.

The operating room of ProctorFree works hard to ensure each exam taker is held to a high standard of academic integrity through a comprehensive analysis and review process. We will continue to hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and integrity – and we know you will as well.

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