ProctorFree- Campus Technology 2014 Preview


We are so excited for the Campus Technology 2014 Conference in Boston next week that we made a “Campus Technology 2014 in Boston Preview!”

There are tons of cool things to do and see. From awesome presenters to a great roster of exhibitors, who knows where to begin? Have no fear, internet friend, we are going to walk through this together.

First let’s talk about presenters. The keynotes are stacked, and we are most looking forward to seeing Anant Agarwal, the CEO of edX. MOOCs, while sometimes controversial, present opportunity and access to students all around the globe. Some common problems cited with MOOCs are things like the very low completion rates and lack of prerequisites to enter. However, what we believe is coming down the pipe, and will be the future emphasis of MOOCs, is going to be Identity Verification issues. The person who really is taking this course is highly relevant to schools applying credit or certification to the user for their work.   Anant, if you read this, please take a leisurely stroll to booth #703 so we can chat, thanks!

That brings us to our next point, the exhibit. This is the best part of any conference,  the SWAG! Sure you can fill your pockets with pens, pins, and business cards…or you can come to booth #703! We have the prerequisite fun give-aways, but more importantly you can meet our staff and demo our product. It can’t hurt that we are next door to MakerBot! That way when the line gets too long to see our booth, the 3D printers can keep you entertained.

We hope that you will be able to join us at the conference. Drop us a line at or so we can plan to meet up! Also, follow us on Twitter to keep up with the action.