Children on Campus? How Being a Parent Could Cost You an Education.

Recently, there has been uproar about a mother bringing her baby on campus to take an exam. The article stated that the student was asked to leave without taking the exam and with no make-up. Are college’s legally responsible to accommodate parents?

Exams are vital to the learning process and cannot be avoided. Time and place of exams are usually set for the students, at which attendance is required. How can a parent plan for the unexpected? We all know that if a student is ill or an emergency comes up during a planned exam, they can make it up. Parents should be accommodated in the same manner, a make-up exam if their child is sick or has an emergency.

Better yet, why don’t the students have an option to take that exam online if they cannot physically be there? ProctorFree can be the answer to various problems colleges’ come across when administering exams. Plus everyone is focusing on being environment conscious; we provide a virtual platform that requires no paper. Think of how many trees that would save!

About ProctorFree

Identity Verification Simplified.

ProctorFree provides an on-demand, convenient, and cost-effective student authentication system for online learning and testing. Maintain your credibility and reputation while still providing convenient learning opportunities for your target audience.

ProctorFree gives you confidence. Our user-friendly system runs quietly in the background and never disrupts the student. You can track student behaviors to better understand how your teaching affects the student. Give your students the opportunity to learn on their time without traveling to a campus, testing center, or library to finish a class or a test.

Here are the benefits of using ProctorFree:

  • On-Demand Student Authentication
  • Visual & Auditory Monitoring
  • Detailed Student Behavior Reports
  • Unobstructed, non-disruptive monitoring

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