Harvard Business School Launches HBX - Online Business Courses

Receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School has long been a pinnacle of achievement in the business world. The program is beginning to undergo changes with the implementation of HBX, the online courses offered within the business school’s program. Based in part on HarvardX, Harvard’s previous online course offering system, HBX looks to innovate the way Harvard Business School offers its MBA program to students.

With a projected launch date of Spring or Summer of 2014, little is known about HBX. However, Harvard professor Clay Christensen has long predicted the arrival of online courses at Harvard Business School. A traditional MBA from a school like Harvard not only costs the student, but also allows the student to request an exponentially higher salary – one that many companies are finding harder and harder to meet.

Professor Christensen has stated reservations about online courses, especially in regards to the ones included in elite listings such as those found in Harvard Business School’s MBA program. However, he does realize that they are the way of the future, and one of the many ways post-baccalaureate education is evolving. While right now, the online class structure when compared to in-classroom education “truly isn’t as good,” Professor Christensen thinks the technology available through programs such as HBX will “over time, get good enough to meet the needs of our customers.”

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