How Our Startup Incubator Helped Us

For the past three months, ProctorFree has been part of the RevTech Labs incubator program housed at Packard Place in Charlotte, NC. When we were accepted into the program in February, we had an idea that we thought was good. We knew a handful of people in the startup community through a couple of networking events but otherwise, we knew nothing about how an incubator worked or why RevTech would benefit us.

Over the next 90 days, we were submerged in learning about the Charlotte startup community. We spent Monday mornings getting advice from various professionals involved in the startup community. Every other Wednesday was reserved for pitch practice where we sharpened our presentation skills and message. We spent numerous early mornings and late nights networking with advisors, investors, and mentors. In our spare time, we set up additional meetings with people just to learn more about successful entrepreneurs living right here in Charlotte.

So what did RevTech do for us? A lot. We immersed ourselves in the Charlotte startup community and now have a network of over 250 professionals who know us and are willing to help us succeed. We raised seed capital because of the networking opportunities and competitions that RevTech provided us. We have a great team of developers that we can trust because of recommendations provided through RevTech. Most importantly, we have a product that has gained attention within higher education and continuing education.

We are excited about what’s to come and we recognize that without RevTech, we wouldn’t be as far as we are today. So Thank You RevTech!