Join ProctorFree at the 2021 I.C.E. Exchange Conference

Education and networking are among the best ways to stay up to date on the latest information about online tests and assessment-based certifications. That’s why ProctorFree is excited to attend the 2021 I.C.E. Exchange conference in Nashville from November 15-18.

The I.C.E. Exchange brings together credentialing professionals from all levels of the public and private sectors for four days of speeches, sessions, and workshops designed to facilitate the exchange of industry trends and best practices.

Each year, the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, or I.C.E., puts on this conference to help everyone in the industry learn through collaboration. I.C.E. is a professional membership association and a leading developer of standards for both certification and certificate programs.

As I.C.E. explains, “Credentialing is an umbrella term used to refer to concepts such as professional certification, certificate programs, accreditation, licensure, and regulation.” This year’s conference covers many areas of the credentialing ecosystem, including:

  • Certification technology
  • Test development and administration 
  • The future of certification
  • Security, records, and data management

If you’re attending the 2021 I.C.E. Exchange, come visit the ProctorFree team at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel. For those unable to travel to Nashville, you can join a selection of live sessions on Zoom as a virtual attendee.

What’s on the schedule at the I.C.E. Exchange

At ProctorFree, we’re looking forward to a wide-ranging program that includes:

  • Half-day conference workshops: Take a deeper dive into topics like crafting security and privacy policies, the business of credentialing, and the standard-setting process.
  • Keynote presentation: Listen to the keynote speaker, singer-songwriter Peter Katz, who will talk about the obstacles that change presents and how to enable innovation during uncertain times.
  • Concurrent sessions: Discover new concepts and approaches to credentialing in these 60- and 90-minute sessions. Topics include promoting the value of your credentialing program, testing accommodations through different exam delivery modalities, and remote online proctoring opportunities.
  • Lightning learning sessions: Learn three to five key concepts and energize your mind during these 15-minute presentations. 
  • E-posters: Explore critical issues and concepts such as credentialism during the COVID pandemic and ways to strengthen exam security.
  • Audience interaction: Exchange ideas and best practices during facilitated roundtables.
  • Networking opportunities: Learn from your peers in credentialing and online proctoring throughout each day.

Attending the I.C.E. Exchange gives our team the opportunity to meet with credentialing professionals from many specialty areas, including assessment, business operations and management, education, membership, and sales and marketing.

Staying on the cutting edge of credentialing and certification

Like most industries, credentialing experienced significant changes over the past couple of years. Since 2020, credentialing professionals have learned a lot, but it’s critical to foresee trends and keep pivoting during these uncertain times.

As remote learning expands, online exams and certifications are the new normal. Events like the I.C.E. Exchange are a great way to educate everyone in the credentialing industry about how to prioritize exam-taker safety and security while ensuring integrity and support.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by using an online proctoring solution that’s designed with credentialing professionals in mind. Online proctoring adds security to the exam process with features like:

  • Identity verification
  • A secure web browser
  • Data sharing protocols
  • AI and human monitoring for exam integrity

Just as important, best-in-class proctoring solutions provide the support exam-takers need, answering any questions in under two minutes. They also make it easy to launch the exam with only a few clicks and without requiring invasive installation measures.

The exam process is a key moment in any candidate’s credentialing journey, and it leaves a lasting impression. It’s worthwhile to invest in the right technology and proctoring partner to provide the best exam experience. 

If you’ll be at the 2021 I.C.E. Exchange, we look forward to meeting you and talking more about the future of credentialing. When industry leaders collaborate and exchange ideas, everyone benefits.

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