Locking in Higher Standards for Online Authenticity

Since the impetus law was passed in 2008, colleges offering online courses are cracking down on making sure the correct student receiving financial aid for the class is actually the one doing the work. This law was enacted to require colleges to take steps discouraging financial aid and academic fraud for online programs.

Universities in North Carolina are taking serious measures to ensure student authentication. There are plans to double the number of campuses allowing students to use online proctors through remote webcams. These live proctors supervise the test taker and note any suspicious behavior, such as talking around the student or flickering eye movements to indicate possible cheating

This method of test proctoring does come with a high price at $18 per hour for the student to pay. Proctorfree’s mission is to reduce the pay for students, while still giving the validity educator’s demand. Our product is able to uphold the same standards as a live proctor while providing additional benefits such as a flat rate, lower cost and multipoint identification system verifying the student throughout the test taking period.

About ProctorFree

ProctorFree provides an on-demand, convenient, and cost-effective student authentication system for online learning and testing. Maintain your credibility and reputation while still providing convenient learning opportunities for your target audience.

ProctorFree gives you confidence. Our user-friendly system runs quietly in the background and never disrupts the student. You can track student behaviors to better understand how your teaching affects the student. Give your students the opportunity to learn on their time without traveling to a campus, testing center, or library to finish a class or a test.

Benefits of using ProctorFree:

  • On-Demand Student Authentication
  • Visual & Auditory Monitoring
  • Detailed Student Behavior Reports
  • Unobstructed, non-disruptive monitoring

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