Measuring Student Knowledge Effectively with Blackboard LMS

Schools using Blackboard prioritize providing their students with high-quality learning experiences from anywhere—a critical feature in an age when many of us are working remotely. There is no doubt that Blackboard users appreciate the benefits of learning management system (LMS) technology, but administering a secure, credible exam experience requires an add-on: an online proctoring solution.

This post will describe how you can effectively assess your students' knowledge gained by using Blackboard LMS by using an online exam proctoring solution.

What is Blackboard LMS?

The introduction of Blackboard to higher education proved disruptive, and it rapidly became an essential tool for testing. Today, Blackboard continues to be considered one of the gold standards for higher education institutions.

Blackboard Learn (founded in 1997) is one of the most popular learning management systems (LMS). The software includes course management, customizable design, and seamless integration with student information systems. K12 schools, colleges, businesses, and governments can use Blackboard to build online courses in conjunction with conventional face-to-face instruction.

Blackboard LMS and Online Testing

To effectively measure student knowledge as they learn via Blackboard, you need to incorporate an online proctoring component. Online proctoring software uses a student's webcam and video analytics during remote exams to prevent distractions and cheating. In addition, Proctoring software provides a fully automated record of test-taker activity and passes these red flags to human administrators who can make the final judgment.

Choose an online proctoring solution that integrates with all versions of Blackboard LMS and is extremely easy to use by test-takers. A student should be able to open their LMS and exams and have their online proctoring platform pop up automatically. However, ease of use is just one consideration. You must also consider other ways to use online proctoring software to assess Blackboard learners' obtained knowledge.

Using Blackboard and Online Proctoring to Assess Student Knowledge Accurately

In today's remote world, students taking exams via an LMS is essential. Still, unless you have the right technology tools to integrate with your LMS, it becomes challenging to ensure honesty and protect students' sensitive data.

Proctoring online gives your school peace of mind and protects your reputation by securing the entire exam-taking process. In addition, online proctoring software integrated with Blackboard should allow students to quickly launch exams from their dashboards, helping them remain focused on exam performance.

The following are features to look for when integrating an online proctoring software with your LMS:

1. Seamless integration

A solution that integrates seamlessly with your Blackboard LMS will save you a lot of time and headaches. Getting your online proctoring up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible is the goal. For ultimate compatibility, a brand that can integrate with all versions of Blackboard is important.

  • Familiar, intuitive interface

    As soon as you begin administering tests in a way that feels familiar and intuitive to test-takers, you and your students can focus on how well they retained and proved their knowledge. Learning should be facilitated by technology, not hindered or distracted by it.

  • Ability to function as a standalone solution
    Having the ability to disconnect from your online proctoring solution is as essential as integration. Pick a proctoring company that can also function as a standalone solution so that, if your other systems go down, students can still take exams.

  • Comprehensive support

    A brand like ProctorFree hosts collaborative video calls to make sure your integration is fully customized. Investment in your success is a key quality to look for in a proctoring brand, which we’ll discuss next.

2. Proven Investment in Your Long-Term Success

A school should be able to decide how to work with its proctoring brand. For example, some schools may prefer self-learning, while others may prefer hands-on training and support from the experts that should be readily available when choosing a proctoring software.

  • Ongoing training and support

    School leaders often complain that they feel like just another number rather than a valued customer when implementing technology. However, proctoring services that continually check in with you, offer ongoing training, and offer best practices are the mark of a company invested in your success rather than making a sale.

  • Support tailored to your organizations’ needs
    Although an online proctoring solution should be simple to implement and use, there's no getting around the fact that professors of different ages and experience levels will react differently to the technology initially. The support and training provided should take these different capabilities into account.

  • Adaptable, intuitive training
    Proctoring vendors should participate in your staff's education, and if they're smart, they'll note areas where people struggle and common themes so they can improve their training and orientation—that's the mark of a brand that is committed to growth.

3. Timely, Responsive Tech Support

When choosing whether or not to partner with a brand, a major consideration should be the quality of their tech support. The benefit of integrating with software that is experienced with Blackboard is that their tech support will be that much more knowledgeable about your existing setup, allowing troubleshooting to be done quickly and easily.

  • Proactive support to minimize tech issues
    Proctoring services must provide sufficient training and support, so faculty and students don't overwhelm administration and staff with support requests, allowing them to focus on other tasks that keep your school running smoothly. Moreover, responsive technical support minimizes distracting students and anxiety, enabling the most accurate level assessment and measurement.

  • Support that fits the schedules of your students and staff
    When choosing proctoring solutions, pay attention to their technical support hours. ProctorFree, for example, offers customer support from 9 AM to 4 AM, which is vital since exams don't always align with traditional business hours. ProctorFree also prevents tech issues before they occur by offering free practice exams, which help boost confidence in test-takers and reduce support requests during exams.

How Online Proctoring Integrated with Blackboard Helps Assess Student Knowledge

With Blackboard LMS, you can keep your school thriving during unpredictable times. As the educational landscape becomes increasingly remote, assessing student knowledge with online proctoring is a necessity. In addition, online proctoring software that integrates seamlessly with Blackboard ensures your exams’ security and academic integrity.

Choosing an online proctoring solution that’s easy to use and causes minimal distractions will help you properly assess the knowledge students gained from learning via Blackboard. In addition, the proper tech support provides students with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their studies despite uncertainty.

Your online proctoring solution paired with Blackboard should work to provide a stress-free environment for students learning remotely. Lastly, choose an online proctoring brand that actively partners with your organization, demonstrating that they're dedicated to your success and continued learning and growth.

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