ProctorFree Announces New Partnership with Markanyx™


After working with clients using the Moodle learning management system (LMS) for years, ProctorFree is excited to announce a partnership with Markanyx™, a Canadian business that specializes in helping organizations set up, launch, and maintain, online learning, and online certification programs, often leveraging the Moodle LMS. In some cases this ranges from simply integrating 3rd party applications into an instance of Moodle. In other cases Markanyx™ may provide artistic design, hosting, and a full suite of tailored services to an organization interested in leveraging the Moodle LMS.

A seamless proctoring experience is now available for Markanyx™clients
Markanyx™ has deep expertise supporting universities, school districts, nonprofits, and corporations, reaching over 200,000 learners over 100 platforms throughout the years. As the adoption of remote and distance learning, training, and certification grows, coupled with the demand for integrated proctoring technology, this partnership will add value to any current or future client that either needs Moodle related services, proctoring, or both.

"We consistently speak with organizations and businesses that are evaluating Moodle as an LMS or currently using Moodle that have questions or need support beyond just what ProctorFree provides. Having the ability to refer or introduce the team of experts at Markanyx™ allows us to better serve those clients or future clients, which is ultimately what we're trying to do. Solve problems and help organizations deliver proctored exams at scale when using the Moodle learning management system. We're looking forward to a productive 2023 together and beyond," said Mike Murphy, CEO of ProctorFree.
"We help our clients and future clients start from scratch, or enhance their existing setup when it comes to LMS development, support, and maintenance. One of the trends we have noticed is an increasing demand for proctoring and invigilation technology to be added as a critical component to support and measure a candidate's knowledge, particularly in the clients LMS in a way that is seamless for the learning administrators and candidates. We have been impressed by what ProctorFree offers by way of a smooth integration with the Moodle LMS and the high quality 24/7 support and responsiveness they provide. We look forward to offering ProctorFree to any interested parties that would like to explore including on-demand proctoring as part of their LMS and course offerings,"  said Kais Abid, CEO of Markanyx™.