Same-Day Online Proctoring Available for Schools Coping with Omicron Variant Disruption

Across the past decade at ProctorFree, we’ve spoken with thousands of individuals at different organizations and helped countless test-takers through proctored examinations. At every turn, we’ve seen the unique challenges administrators, instructors, and test-takers all face, and we recognize the small, yet critical role we play in the learning experience. 

To meet the needs of our customers, we know the importance of scalability, security, and speed to launch. At ProctorFree, we’ve refined our onboarding process to allow for same-day set-ups of integrated and unintegrated proctoring solutions that enable on-demand proctoring for test-takers at any scale. We actively support clients ranging from higher education institutions to credentialing bodies and have the time-tested industry experience to support your unique proctoring needs. 

To any institution or organization that would like a hybrid, remote, or Plan B option, please contact our team directly and we will ensure you receive a simple overview of how we work, including

  • The most competitive pricing on the market
  • Access to fully-automated or human-reviewed proctoring sessions
  • Local auditing services
  • Head-to-head competitor comparisons

Over the past two-years, the COVID-19 pandemic has tested the testing industry, with some providers experiencing downtime and systems running hot. The emergence of new variants, including Omicron, has further exemplified the need for dependable proctoring solutions for both exam providers and test-takers. At ProctorFree, our experienced team is ready to support you every step of the way.

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