Is a cheaper degree more valuable when compared to long-term debt?

A record low number of college freshmen are in their first school of choice. Enrolling choices are affected by the cost of top-tier elite colleges, causing students and their parents to choose what the may have previously considered to be second or third tier colleges. According to the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute, only 57% of college freshmen were enrolled in their first-choice college the academic year 2013-2014.

Parents and students are understandably intimidated by the price of higher education and they’re turning to colleges with more appealing tuition fees. Online courses and MOOCs are seeing increase in popularity as their affordability and and flexibility appeals to a wide genre of students in different economic situations. Students taking a blend of live and online courses and having some courses themselves that are considering “blended learning” is a theme that is becoming more and more common these days.

Is Cheaper Always Better?

Slashed tuition fees however can often make prospective students reluctant as there’s always suspicion over a school’s integrity and credibility. Lower-cost colleges need to overcome this reluctance by building strong brands established by integrity. Like it or not there is often a snap judgement made when someone hears that you obtained a degree online. Even more so if it’s form one of the larger, well-known online universities when compared to traditional schools.

ProctorFree allows universities that offer competitive tuition fees to strengthen the brand image of their college by ensuring the college’s integrity and credibility is always beyond question. By providing cutting-edge exam proctoring technology, colleges can ensure academic integrity is maintained and the college brand is protected. With audio and visual exam monitoring, ProctorFree makes sure students are monitored discreetly but efficiently and any attempt to cheat is deterred.

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