ProctorFree - Thank You for Meeting Us at T-BUG 2016

Sailing Towards Success with Online Proctoring

Last week, ProctorFree continued the Fall Conference season with the Texas Blackboard Users Group Conference in League City, TX. The two-day conference on November 10 and November 11 brought together members of the Blackboard community to network and discuss their Blackboard experience and to reimagine online education.

Sessions on both days highlighted what is next for Blackboard and how others in the higher education and online learning communities are sailing towards success. “T-BUG provided a wealth of knowledge related to Blackboard,” said Velvet Nelson, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at ProctorFree. “It was fantastic to take part in a great networking event and learn more about the different ways Texas Blackboard schools are reimagining online education.”

Thank you to all who engaged in discussions of how to sail towards success and reimagine online education. Thank you to the T-BUG team who executed a great conference that highlighted the personalized experiences of higher education leaders in Texas, the home of some of ProctorFree’s favorite partners.

ProctorFree looks forward to attending T-BUG Conference 2017. If you didn’t have a chance to connect with us at T-BUG this year, check out the additional conferences we are attending this year or contact us to learn how our online proctoring solution sails students, instructors, and higher education administrators towards success.