Teachers' Role Decreases, While Technology Increases

The growth of advanced technology over the last decade also brings a negative impact to educators’ job market. Technology persistently proves how effective it can educate students, while lowering costs for educators. On the contrary, are institutions relying too heavily on digital inventions to teach students?

Arizona State University is now testing a program that teaches students math, independent from a physical teacher. This would greatly reduce the number of math instructors at the college by having more students per class and all the grading completed for them by the program. There’s also the potential for the program to take over other subjects as well. Students and teachers at Arizona State are voicing their opinions on the software and how they are adapting to this style of teaching.

Students admit their frustration with the Math Machine, as it is nicknamed, then quickly realized the benefit of being able to work at your own pace. While the student is using the program it will identify where the student is having trouble, give direction, and notify the teacher of students having difficulties.

Teachers were obviously opposed to the virtual program in the beginning, as it would eliminate their jobs and preferred traditional lecturing methods. After investigating the Math Machine, teachers realized it give them detailed feedback about each students’ performance; what they are doing well and where they need extra help. This assistance is highly valuable for instructors, to know how to help a troubled student and saving time to be available for all other students.

Higher education professionals seem to be accepting this new age of constant digital interaction. Recently grants have been awarded to universities implementing more online education or technology based instructing. Many are hoping this can improve how students are taught, by gathering data and using technology to their advantage. In this progression, ProctorFree hopes to uphold online academic integrity that all institutions expect of their students.

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