ProctorFree - University of Albany Students Cheat for Cash

Here at ProctorFree, we have seen reports of students paying others to take classes or complete assignments for them. There are cheating websites everywhere that are using this business model. Students could even use eLance or ODesk to find quality work at a low cost. Even more often, students use their friends and classmates to trade off assignments. However, students at the University of Albany have found a way to cheat and make cash all with social media.

The University of Albany is currently investigating a large cheating scandal that could involve hundreds of students using Facebook to buy and sell assignments. Students use these pages to post their assignments and offer money to anyone who will complete them. Others, post their services offering to do certain assignments in certain classes for cash.

In an article posted by the Times Union, one instructor vocalizes his frustrations with fighting cheating at the University. While honor codes are still used on college campuses, technology has surpassed these codes and made it seem common place for students to cheat. What is worse is the fact that most instructors struggle to catch most cheaters. Faculty are already overloaded and spending time to check every assignment for cheating is too time consuming. And, as more classes move online, instructors ability to monitor for cheaters is only getting worse.

Resources are available to instructors to monitor for plagiarism but what about other assignments? Most instructors want to use a variety of assessment methods including papers, group projects, quizzes, and tests. Our mission at ProctorFree is to give faculty the freedom to build classes without the concern of students cheating. With our on-demand, continuous identity system, faculty can always be sure that the student taking the class is the one completing their assignments. With our simple software, faculty can see and hear recordings of students completing assignments making sure that each assignment is completed with integrity.

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