ProctorFree - Why Online Proctoring Works for Students in Higher Ed

A Cure for the Dissatisfied Online Student

Every aspect of the online learning experience is designed to enhance accessibility and convenience, except the online assessment process. Students also deserve an exceptional online assessment experience. With ProctorFree’s online proctoring, students have an exceptional online learning, and assessment, experience enhanced by clear communication and continued support.

We understand that the framework for a great experience begins when our partnership with the university begins. Our professional Account Management team thoroughly trains instructors in the appropriate ProctorFree Learning Management System integration and equips instructors to better support their students throughout their assessment experience with ProctorFree. Instructors are also provided recommended wording to include on their syllabi, so that the ProctorFree experience is clearly communicated to students.

Our student support is designed to provide an exceptional online assessment experience at all times. Students can take practice exams before beginning the assigned exam or quiz, to ensure their comfort and confidence in the proctoring process.  A clear understanding of the assessment process allows the proctoring solution to enhance the test taking experience. And, reducing stress on the exam-taker can significantly impact their performance.

Students can also access self-help resources at any time throughout the pre-exam process. Videos from the ProctorFree team walk students through each step of the ProctorFree journey. Our friendly and helpful team is also available via phone, chat, or email.

Too many students view online assessments as roadblocks in their learning pathway. Everything we do is focused on putting the exam-taker in a position for success. Online proctoring works in online education when support and clear communication enhance the student experience.

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