4 Non-Negotiable Online Proctoring Software Features

Overwhelmed by the variety of options available for online proctoring? If you want to be sure that you're choosing the right proctoring solution for your organization, first get clear on which features are most important to you. This post will help you narrow down your options and ensure you get exactly what you need.

Choosing the right features comes down to understanding your institution’s priorities. In organizations that administer any type of exam, proctoring features need to support both the test-taker’s needs and your bottom line. In this post, we'll tell you which features cover all of those bases. 

Feature #1: Readily available tech support

Tech support is often overlooked as a strategy for easing test-taker anxiety. Put yourself in your students’ shoes一the stress of taking an exam is daunting enough even without technical difficulties. Since students will be using their own equipment for online proctoring, it is necessary to view technical support differently.

If any proctoring solution claims to have top-of-the-line customer support, assistance should be readily available. Providing adequate support means providing test takers with assistance whenever they need it (not just during the proctoring company's traditional business hours).

It should be possible to contact customer support anytime with no query left unanswered for longer than two minutes. If you are a test administrator, you should rest assured that tech issues will be taken care of by your online proctoring service provider, not you or your staff.


Feature #2: Identity verification

The remote, flexible nature of online proctoring requires you to take security precautions一especially when it comes to verifying the identity of test-takers. Your institution must know that test-takers are who they say they are to safeguard your reputation and integrity. This makes multi-factor identification a vital feature.

Credible proctoring software should offer comprehensive ID verification as a built-in feature. When the test-taker launches their exam, the proctoring software will prompt for identity verification. This feature also automatically captures an individual's photo and ID information.

During the exam, your proctoring solution should video record the testing environment, allowing administrators to review anything that needs to be examined further, such as a test-taker getting up from their desk. Ideally, your proctoring software would flag instances such as these automatically so that they can ensure the integrity of the exam, even after the initial ID verification.


Feature #3: Tech compatibility

When exam-takers use their own equipment, software and hardware compatibility becomes crucial. Every student will have access to the necessary equipment for taking exams at home. Therefore, you need to make sure your team picks a proctoring solution that works with various equipment.

Your proctoring tool must support multiple browsers while still providing a seamless experience for all students taking the exam. Having universal browser support as a feature ensures that all test-takers have an equal opportunity to succeed.

For the sake of your organization and staff, you should choose an online proctoring solution that fully integrates with your learning management system or testing software. Proctoring online should work seamlessly with your LMS or act as a stand-alone program.


Feature #4: Data privacy and security

Proctoring online has opened up a new world of benefits for test-takers, but it also raises legitimate concerns about student privacy. Protecting test item content and safeguarding sensitive candidate or student information are the two most prevalent privacy concerns.

Here’s the double-edged swordーyour institution needs confidence that the solution they're investing in is safe and secure. But, at the same time, students entering personal information in exam software should feel confident that their data will be protected and kept confidential.

Your online proctoring program should protect your organization's valuable exam content from leaks and plagiarism. Misappropriation of your hard-won test items is the last thing your organization wants to happen. Exam content security protects the time and resources of teachers, professors, staff, and administrators.


The bottom line on must-have online proctoring features

Many online proctoring solutions are available; however, your choice should be based on the features that fully protect you and your students. Your organization will appreciate the available tech support your proctoring vendor provides, while test-takers will have peace of mind.

By providing universal browser support, you level the playing field so that all students can take exams remotely, regardless of their equipment. In addition, the ID verification and data privacy feature ensures your exam materials are not leaked and your students' sensitive information remains secure.

By offering online proctoring solutions, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. However, to ensure your institution’s integrity, reputation, and bottom line, certain features are non-negotiable!

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