Administering Online Exams within Moodle LMS

Whether you’re a college or a business leader, you already know the benefit of providing a virtual learning environment to deliver knowledge and test your candidates. In a recent ADT survey, 73 percent of respondents reported that online learning via learning management systems (LMS) has spiked in the past two years.

Anyone in charge of training and development would benefit from the streamlined workflow and ease of using an LMS like Moodle. Your organization can integrate online proctoring software with Moodle to set and track learning goals and determine how well those goals are being met.

What is Moodle LMS?

Thousands of universities, businesses, and other organizations use Moodle to provide students with diverse online learning experiences. This open-source platform is often a top choice because of its flexibility and customization capabilities. Companies and organizations use Moodle to plan, distribute, and test their lessons in a structured way

Here are examples of ways organizations of all types use Moodle:

  • Competency-based training and management
  • Building online courses
  • Hiring, recruiting, and interviewing job candidates
  • Onboarding and training of students and employees
  • Employee compliance training
  • Training on workplace safety procedures
  • Launching products and services

For this post, we’ll focus on how organizations use Moodle and online proctoring software add-ons to securely and fairly evaluate their students’ knowledge.

Administering secure exams within Moodle

Integrating an online testing solution with your Moodle LMS is vital for ensuring exam security and integrity. For example, proctoring software uses AI to flag suspicious behaviors like switching screens, looking off-screen, copying, and pasting. Here are some ways using online proctoring with Moodle ensures that your remote tests meet security standards while still protecting the integrity of your exam materials and organization.

Identity verification and security features

ID verification should be a part of every proctoring system. For example, Proctoring software captures a test taker’s photo and ID information automatically before the exam begins so the software can verify their identity.

With facial feature detection technology built-in, you can safeguard the integrity of your exams and your organization's reputation. As a result, your organization becomes responsible for stewarding sensitive personal data responsibly.

A flexible solution for all of your exams

Moodle is known for its flexibility, so your online proctoring solution should also be flexible. As an organization, you may administer a variety of exams, each requiring different levels of supervision. Online proctoring solutions should let you select proctoring service levels based on the degree of risk.

For example, your low-stakes exams may benefit from a fully automated proctoring solution that will flag suspicious activity for an instructor to review. For medium-to-high-stakes exams, an automated proctoring solution should pass the results to a team of U.S.-based expert exam auditors to be as thorough as possible. This “human-assisted” proctoring is helpful because it prevents potential issues with AI bias.

A locked-down browser

Web-based exams taken remotely require extra precaution and should be administered via a locked-down browser like ProctorFree Secure Browser. Locked-down web browsers allow test-takers to open a web-based test while restricting the actions they can take during the exam, like copying and pasting, switching screens, or opening new tabs.

In addition to ensuring exam integrity, a locked-down browser creates a focused, distraction-free environment for test-takers. Ensuring exam integrity via a secure browser also signals that other test-takers aren’t able to cheat either so every candidate feels they’re being given a level playing field.

How to choose the most secure online proctoring software for Moodle

To make the right choice for your online proctoring solution, you must identify the features that suit your organization's needs. For example, if Moodle is your LMS, you should look for the following requirements when evaluating online proctoring solutions:

1. Compatible with all versions of Moodle

Moodle is a large and advanced software company that updates its product continually for the best user experience. As upgrades are made, you'll want to make sure all plugins and add-ons can update right along with it and still function properly.

2. Hands-on guidance with onboarding

Because Moodle is open-source and highly customizable, it introduces some complexity, especially for integrations. Therefore, when choosing any add-on for Moodle (especially proctoring software), be sure to choose a brand that offers structured, step-by-step onboarding to ensure that your hand is held every step of the way.

3. Support that lightens the load of your organization

Some organizations employ an administrator to manage Moodle, but many others don't (especially SMBs), so partnering with an online proctoring vendor that offers enough support can serve as a substitute for admin staff. Solutions like ProctorFree have extensive experience working with Moodle and can provide high-touch support.

The bottom line on administering secure exams within Moodle

By integrating the right online proctoring solution with your Moodle LMS, you can easily deliver knowledge and evaluate how well your students retained the information. Whether you work at a university and administer exams or a company that onboards and certifies professionals, you need a way to uphold security standards while protecting the integrity of your exam materials and brand.

To make the best choice in online proctoring software, be sure to choose a solution that incorporates features like identity verification, flexibility for exams with different risk levels, and a locked-down browser to create a focused and secure environment. Remote work is snowballing, so organizations of all types must find ways to meet students where they are while still maintaining honesty and confidentiality.

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