The Power of Proctoring Partnerships: Gauge by


Education is a team effort. ProctorFree is proud to partner with Gauge by to enhance online exams with automated, on-demand proctoring.

Together, this partnership allows organizations to quickly author and administer training content, tests, and certifications online with no complex requirements. ProctorFree’s software integrates seamlessly with Gauge to provide test administrators with identity management and comprehensive reports for end-to-end test analysis.

“Gauge clients prioritize a user-friendly approach to test creation, and ProctorFree is very much aligned with that vision,” said Mike Murphy, ProctorFree CEO. “Our company is predicated on a simple, consistent user experience and the highest standards in customer service. I believe Gauge customers will feel right at home with ProctorFree.”

About Gauge

Gauge is a fully customizable online test builder for large enterprises, complex organizations, and businesses who need a deep set of features. Gauge is a test authoring platform that ProctorFree seamlessly integrates with.

About ProctorFree

ProctorFree is an on-demand, automated proctoring solution designed to help institutions of higher learning and commercial organizations add layers of security and academic integrity to the online learning environment experience. ProctorFree provides an accurate identification, authentication, and proctoring solution that is scalable, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

Online Proctoring You Can Trust

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