3 Pillars of Customer Service to Enhance Online Learning

Customer service is easily the most important element of any organization. How we interact with customers says a lot about us and leaves a lasting impression.


Technology accelerates online learning, but to truly create an excellent experience, technology should possess an element of individual human attention as well. To that end, online proctoring technology should embrace customer service, allowing it to influence and infiltrate every segment of the solution, from developing a compelling product to providing friendly support around the clock.

ProctorFree’s CEO, Mike Murphy, recently offered his insights on customer service in an episode of Often Imitated, a podcast that examines customer experience through the lens of history. Listen here!

In addition to providing a simple, reliable identity management and proctoring solution, at our core, we are in the business of customer success. Here are three tenets of our customer success philosophy along with examples of how these principles enhance online learning around the world.

Team up for complete problem-solving

Online proctoring technology is one piece of the much larger puzzle of online learning. When an organization rolls out a test for the first time, it can engage with a wide range of channel partners from content creators to delivery platforms. Taking a test online is a bold leap forward, and it’s an online proctoring solution’s job to help every way we can. Helping clients navigate this journey, including identifying valuable partnerships, is an important part of an impactful and effective online proctoring solution.

For example, our team recently worked with a staffing agency that assists healthcare systems with monthly job placement needs. Historically, the staffing agency sourced candidates and arranged for them to travel across the country for orientation, at which point a candidate would take an in-person job-specific assessment. This process resulted in significant sunk costs, especially given that candidates were regularly failing exams on a monthly basis.

We engaged with both the staffing agency and the healthcare system to onboard online assessments onto a learning management system and delivery platform that included remote proctoring. When the assessments went live, the results were palpable. Vetting improved and candidate placement rates grew by as much as 50%. By testing candidates remotely, the agency could devote more time to the most qualified candidates.

It takes a nuanced approach to customer service to have an impact across end-to-end systems. For an end-to-end online proctoring solution, that means working with both customers and their end customers.

Create a positive experience – every time

The delivery of online education is an important role for technology providers. Education makes a positive impact on the lives of millions all around the world, and technology companies should be happy to do their part in helping others learn and develop.

Let’s face it – tests can be hard! The experience can be stressful, since grades, certifications and job offers often hang in the balance. Proctoring providers must take this responsibility seriously and see to it that both test takers and test administrators are provided with the clarity and support they need to successfully complete an exam.

Ultimately, the goal is to help test takers approach the exam experience with the utmost confidence, and that starts with empathy and keeping things simple. Through accessible and friendly customer support, proctoring providers can help you address concerns and restore overall confidence in the testing process.

Meeting the customer where they are

Accessibility is a major part of customer service. Technology continues to evolve, and the act of answering customer questions drives that evolution forward. So, we welcome the opportunity to offer our support. Using our portal and live chat, we’re always on standby to answer questions and walk you through the proctoring experience. We’ll work with you to ensure you’re using an approved device and your software is functioning as it should be, so your test takes place with ease.

Creating an accessible experience goes beyond troubleshooting on the backend. Product design is another form of customer service that takes place behind the scenes. Online proctoring solutions should continuously solicit and implement customer feedback in the process of developing and rolling out new features. In a way, each test that is supported by online proctoring is also a test for the online proctoring solution.

Customer service is about respect, compassion and the simple act of helping others. If you’re not delighted with the level of customer service you’re receiving from your online proctoring solution, it may be time to rethink your solution. There is a better way, and together, we can make a difference.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and together, we can make a difference.

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