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3 Pillars of Customer Service to Enhance Online Learning

3 Pillars of Customer Service to Enhance Online Learning
Customer service is easily the most important element of any organization. How we interact with customers says a lot about us and leaves a lasting impression.

Technology accelerates online learning, but to truly[...]

Proctoring during COVID-19

We have witnessed a truly staggering rate of change over the past 30 days or so. We have also listened to countless individuals as they described the challenges COVID-19 is causing their organizations.

Everything from institutions of[...]

Contract Cheating

What is Contract Cheating?

Contract cheating is when a student or academic candidate will contract with (pay) an online storefront or individual freelancer who completes their academic work for them. There are varying depths this can[...]


It was only a matter of time before massive open online courses (MOOC) were challenged to see online learning in a new light. Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOCC) has a different approach to how students should learn through online education[...]

Students Using Social Media to Cheat

Administrators are increasing their awareness of possible cheating by younger generations through social media. As more students possess mobile phones, they feel the need to publicize their every move on the internet, including photos of test[...]