Proctoring during COVID-19

We have witnessed a truly staggering rate of change over the past 30 days or so. We have also listened to countless individuals as they described the challenges COVID-19 is causing their organizations.


Everything from institutions of higher learning to corporate human resource providers trying to vet job applicants and potential new hires remotely. We have consulted and contributed to emergency planning and war-gaming how an institution was going to go fully online, or significantly increase the amount of content consumed through their learning management system. Or whether it was a commercial organization struggling to change they way they deliver assessments to add a layer of identity management, academic integrity, and security. And of course, students, test candidates, and individuals taking online courses. Even in more ideal times, there is a level of baseline anxiety that exists when challenging yourself, learning something new, or even taking an online assessment to prove your knowledge in a particular area subject. Having to adapt quickly, wondering what the next couple of months will look like, all while staying on track, sometimes concerned about how to pay for the cost of proctoring, these are all conversations we have faced recently. We have even provided consult to an individual recovering from COVID-19 who was focused on how to deliver his test items with proctoring on a short timeline. 


The first thing we do at ProctorFree is listen to you. Everything we do is based on serving the needs of others, whether it be students, educators, staff, or administrators. Then we answer your questions and provide an honest and timely responses on whether or not we can help. You shouldn’t need to wait more than 24 hours to find answers. In the past 30 days we have waived fees, reduced prices, and helped new clients launch in 24 hours. ProctorFree offers existing integrations with over 11 learning management and test delivery platforms and we also have an easy API available to work with. Thankfully our system and processes were designed to scale so we are positioned to help in uncertain times. ProctorFree can also work in a platform agnostic model and simply run alongside any exam that is being delivered online with a web address.


If you are facing a challenge related to delivering education online, proctoring assessments, or need help finding a platform to accomplish this with integrated proctoring, ProctorFree can point you in the right direction. Now more than ever people deserve clear feedback, and they need it fast.


Questions? Just contact us and a member of our team will be in touch in less than 24 hours.