Students Using Social Media to Cheat

Administrators are increasing their awareness of possible cheating by younger generations through social media. As more students possess mobile phones, they feel the need to publicize their every move on the internet, including photos of test booklets. Is this an innocent action? Or a deliberate move to cheat?

Just as we evolve through the generations, so is technology. We can no longer compare norms of a few years ago, to today’s view of what is normal behavior. Today it is uncommon for a middle school student to not have a phone, where 5 years ago that would have been rare. Are students taking this norm too far when posting photos of state mandated tests online? These testing environments specifically state no use of electronic devices are allowed.

In California alone there were 246 possible cheating incidents during Standardized Testing and Reporting exams. Now they are deciding if a student posting photos from testing rooms, deems the whole body of testers invalid. Jonathan Raymond, superintendent of Sacramento City Unified, stated the Education Department has already determined it would not withhold test scores for the schools. “They don’t deem it significant,” Raymond added. The question now is if administration will implement more severe rules and regulations for testing environments. Educators must evolve with the generation to stay ahead and ensure student integrity.

Tell us your thoughts! What do you think about enforcing more rules to mandate cellphone use? Do you think students realize how much social media plays in their lives?