Focus on School Reputation Versus Amenities

Institutions may be pursuing the wrong avenue to entice students towards their campus. Recent studies have shown that students are more concerned with the college’s integrity and price, than an abundance of cool services.

Concerns are coming into light about how much college debt is rising. Not only for students, but schools are also borrowing money to enhance the student experience. In the hopes to increase their student count; universities are passing on a proportion of the debt through raising tuition. They are rushing to build new dorms, dining locations, and recreational facilities for incoming classes, to make campus feel ‘all inclusive’.

As we are learning now, quality education and cost are the main influences when selecting a college. Most students narrow down their choices based on the availability of favorable majors then analyze each institution’s total cost upon graduating.

The recent economic decline can be responsible for this increased awareness of debt. Even students who receive government financial aid are equally attentive of tuition compared to those using personal loans. This should give campuses more incentive to cut costs and provide the valuable education applicants are looking for.

Have you attended college or a continuing education course? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought in regards to the reputation of your school and the amenities they provided.