Advances in Tech Offer New Exam Cheating Options

During a test in Jaipur, India, exam-takers used Bluetooth technology to discreetly retrieve test answers. The local police interrogated about 70 individuals involved in the cheating incident. Their mobile phones, headsets, and Bluetooth devices were confiscated to facilitate the investigation. It’s been revealed that the cheating scheme involved a shared configuration that allow these men to retrieve the answers from a key person, more likely located at a remote place.

As technology advances, expect to see more ingenious cheating methods being exposed. With so much tech cheating potential, individuals will advance from outdated, easy-to-get-caught tricks. From Bluetooth devices, to having others take tests on one’s behalf, exam cheating is becoming more complex and harder to control.

Corporations, educational institutions and other accrediting organizations will benefit from offering more stringent test proctoring procedures. Proctoring exams can no longer depend on dated methods such as one-teacher patrolling. Proctoring can ensure both, the credibility and integrity of the accrediting organization and the knowledge ability of the exam-taker.