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ProctorFree - This Week in Cheating: Go to Jail!

So if I understand this article correctly (click here), in China there is an exam you take in high school that determines your future education potential and career opportunities. It doesn’t get much more “high stakes” than that. Where there are[...]

ProctorFree - NCTA 2015 Presentation Preview

The National College Testing Association Conference (NCTA 2015) in St. Pete, Florida is less than a week away and I can barley contain my excitement! Not just because it’s a great conference, not just because I get to see a bunch of my friends from[...]

ProctorFree - This Week in Cheating

Facebook is, in my opinion, my generation’s greatest gift to humanity. It allows us to perform a myriad of social interactions ranging from the ever pleasing casual birthday greeting, to the more clandestine photo stalking.

Facebook even let’s us[...]

Student’s attempt to find impersonator for exam goes awry

A Seattle-based student created a Craigslist ad for a “taller college age brunette” in order to take an online college placement test for her. Some teachers, members of a private teaching Facebook group, found out about it and decided to act. They[...]

Exam Cheating Revelation at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command Prompts Investigation

After cheating allegations by a sailor who revealed the circulation of exam answers between trainers and trainees on nuclear reactor, the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command prompted an investigation. So far, more than 20 people are said to be[...]

ProctorFree - School Changes Testing Protocols Because of Test Photos

Kapiolani Community College has made significant changes to its testing policies for their Radiologic Technology Program because of a student grievance that uncovered highly technical cheating. A photographed image of a test was circulated via email[...]

Drones used to deter exam cheating? Real or Fake?

Just Kidding, kind of. This is being reported as a real story by several news sources but the description of the YouTube video describes this as a hoax put on by a specific department within the school. It seems a little far fetched that a school[...]

ProctorFree - Cheating on Employment Tests Could Go Wrong

There’s an ongoing debate on whether employment test are more accurate than actually having a prospective employee seen in action. Can a phone interview, an online proctored test or even a face-to-face interview provide an accurate picture of the[...]

Does a Honor Code Discourage Cheating?

In China, high school students are under a lot of pressure. Getting into college depends on students’ one-time performance at the annual college entrance exams. China, like many other countries, implements an educational system that prioritizes test[...]

Advances in Tech Offer New Exam Cheating Options

During a test in Jaipur, India, exam-takers used Bluetooth technology to discreetly retrieve test answers. The local police interrogated about 70 individuals involved in the cheating incident. Their mobile phones, headsets, and Bluetooth devices[...]