Exam Cheating Revelation at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command Prompts Investigation

After cheating allegations by a sailor who revealed the circulation of exam answers between trainers and trainees on nuclear reactor, the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command prompted an investigation. So far, more than 20 people are said to be implicated in the cheating incident but as the investigation deepens, the number is expected to rise.

The exam in question was an essential qualification for the examinees, which would allow them to train other students on the school’s nuclear reactors. Implicated staff will be removed from duty, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, the Chief of Naval Operations, explained during a Pentagon press conference. Although not confirmed, about 30 engineering watch supervisors had been disqualified from their posts, but since the investigations are ongoing, the NNPTC doesn’t reveal any information regarding the exact penalty the involved staff members will face.

To rebuild trust in the NNPTC staff, every employee that has access to the training reactors is to sit a repeat exam to ensure their competency and qualifications.