University Honor Committee involved in exam proctoring decisions

The Honor Committee at the University of Virginia approved a non-binding ballot resolution in which students are to cast their vote on whether they prefer proctored or non-proctored exams. The University of Virginia is not new to non-proctored examinations. Students in Medicine and Law had previously sat for proctor-free exams. During these exams, students were responsible for policing fellow classmates who were cheating or attempting to.

Students will vote on the matter in late February with the results expected to be announced sometime before March. The ballot result is non-binding, as this is an issue the Faculty Senate has the last word on.

Students seem torn as each option has its fair share of advantages. Those in favor of non-proctored exams emphasize students are responsible adults with integrity who wouldn’t cheat on exams. On the other hand, proctored exam proponents insists that non-proctored exams will put unnecessary stress on students who apart from their test performance will also have to worry about others students’ deviating behavior.

We believe establishing non-proctored exams as the norm will burden students with extra responsibilities during a time when their concentration needs to be at its peak. ProctorFree ensures students can take proctored exams without any distractions and loss of focus. Students will also have a level of assurance that fellow classmates wont get ahead due to any deviation in their academic integrity.

It will be interesting to see what the University of Virginia undergraduates have a preference for.