How does ProctorFree work with learning management systems?

As information sharing evolved, learning management systems (LMS) emerged as a key complement to in-person education and training courses in the 20th century. In recent years, LMS systems have facilitated the wave of online learning we have come to rely on. Today, these systems are at the core of nearly every higher education or professional credential offering. 

At ProctorFree, we work to integrate our on-demand proctoring software with leading LMS applications. Here are the basics of how we work together to make the increasingly digital education experience seamless and effective. 

What is a learning management system?

A learning management system is a software platform designed to help you host, deliver and track the progress of courses and exams. Consider it the hub for all of your educational materials, announcements, grades and analysis. Students and instructors can each log on and view updates and communicate as necessary across times and distances.  

LMS applications have facilitated a wave of online learning for decades, and today, there are a plethora of options on the market such as Canvas, Blackboard, DigitalChalk, Brightspace, Moodle and Gauge by If you weren’t familiar with them before, 2020 may have provided a crash course as schools and organizations around the world moved largely to remote learning.

What features should an LMS system have? 

When it comes to LMS systems, content is king. The ability to store and access text, images, slide presentations and video in one centralized place is perhaps the most important feature of an LMS system. Ideally, a system should be able to house most course materials with backup storage and provide a degree of personalization.  

Most institutions take their usage a step further and host exams on LMS. Some even host pre-recorded lectures on their LMS system to bypass time constraints — a popular choice in the COVID-19 era. It’s also wise to select a system with built-in analytics for continuous improvement in the online learning process. 

Where does online proctoring fit? 

Online proctoring tools are dedicated software programs designed to enhance the testing experience with identity management. At ProctorFree, we have a flexible API that allows us to integrate with most LMS applications. In other words, our platforms talk to each other so you can preserve the integrity of your exam process while managing everything through the same LMS. 

How does it work? 

Once our software is integrated with an LMS system, using ProctorFree is easy. Simply build your exam within the LMS system and, depending on your LMS platform, either sync or auto sync only the required amount of data with our control panel, which is also located within your system. When an exam is synced, users can access it 24/7. 

As users log on and take an exam remotely, our automated software will gather data and analyze each testing session. Once analysis is complete, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report in the LMS system that you can audit on your own time. 

What if I still need help? 

At ProctorFree, we’re here when you need us. Through our complete onboarding experience, we’ll walk you through how to use ProctorFree within your specific system, so you can administer tests effectively. And if either you or your students need help troubleshooting, we’re available by chat and email to answer questions.

On-Demand Proctoring 24/7

Today, it’s easier than ever to complement LMS functionality with the simplicity of on-demand online proctoring. If you’re interested in learning how ProctorFree can work with your LMS system or you’re setting up a course for the first time, contact us today for a demo.