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Meet Suzanne: A fireside chat with ProctorFree’s new COO

Meet Suzanne: A fireside chat with ProctorFree’s new COO

Delivering education is a team effort, and our team just got stronger.

At the end of last year, we welcomed Suzanne Flynn Speece to join us as our new chief operating officer. As COO, Suzanne will play a crucial role in the future of our[...]

Working with AWS: How we leverage superior technology

Working with AWS: How we leverage superior technology

At ProctorFree, we are proud to help educational institutions around the world deliver quality remote education by providing them with on-demand intelligent proctoring. To do quality work, it’s important that we, too, align with quality[...]

How does ProctorFree work with learning management systems?

How does ProctorFree work with learning management systems?

As information sharing evolved, learning management systems (LMS) emerged as a key complement to in-person education and training courses in the 20th century. In recent years, LMS systems have facilitated the wave of online learning we[...]

ProctorFree - Articles on Online Education and CBE

Spotlight on Online Education and CBE

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including high school online learning[...]

Adult Nontraditional Students Rise in Higher Education

Edtech is Fueling the Growth of Nontraditional Students in Higher Ed with Flexibility and Accessibility.

Adult, nontraditional students are already a major part of the education landscape, and their growth is not slowing down. As the number of adult[...]

The Rise of Alternative Credentials in Higher Education

UPCEA/Pearson Survey Draws Attention to the Challenge Facing Alternative Credentials.

“The root of the word ‘credential’ is credence, and the value offered by credibility is only possible when credentials are based on a foundation of solid learning[...]

Takeaways from an Edsurge Podcast

We love Edsurge! (Check out ProctorFree’s Edsurge product page). Edsurge has a new podcast feature that I was excited to check out. While the podcasts I listened to were all great; the project based learning podcast on strategies for promoting[...]

ProctorFree - 5 Things I learned at AppState FreeLearning

Last Friday I took a scenic drive up to Boone for the Appalachian State FreeLearning Conference. Spoiler alert: if you can get to this conference, go! For a whole bunch of reasons this conference needs to be on your 2016 calendar including the[...]

BbWorld 15 Re-Cap

Wow, what an excellent conference!

Being near the center of our nation’s capital felt appropriate for this years Blackboard World 2015 conference. While we didn’t directly attend any sessions we did our best to stay tuned in and appreciated hearing[...]

ProctorFree- Canvas InstructureCon Wrap Up

Wow! What a conference! As first time attendees, Mike and I (the co-founders of ProctorFree) could not have been more impressed with the delivery of such a grand event. From the food, entertainment, and sessions, the Canvas staff thought of[...]