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Spotlight on Online Education and CBE

We are back with more great articles about higher education and online learning. Here are the articles we most enjoyed reading and sharing this week; covering subjects including high school online learning pathways, CBE programs, big data and more in higher education and online learning.

How a Rural Alaska School District with Shrinking Enrollment Kept its Class Offerings Up – Online – Alaska Dispatch News

The Copper Valley school district in Glenallen, Alaska is successfully using online education to combat a shrinking high school student population. High school students can choose from over 350 online courses and teachers can use two-way video conferencing to teach at multiple schools. Alaska Dispatch News reports that teachers and administrators are viewing their decreasing student population as a chance to innovate, rather than as a destructive challenge.

Behind the Scenes of Online Proctoring: What happens in the operating room of ProctorFree? – ProctorFree

When taking online exams with a proctoring solution, students often question how the solution is actually ensuring academic integrity. Let’s demystify how ProctorFree holds its exam takers to a high standard of honesty and integrity. Step into the operating room of ProctorFree and learn how we analyze 100% of every proctored exam session.

Competency-Based Platforms Market for Higher Education in the US Will Grow at a Stupendous CAGR of 22% Until 2020: Technavio – Business Wire

A report from Technavio demonstrates that there is huge potential for the competency-based education market in the US. The top four emerging trends in the report are: The emergence of digital badges, changes in assessment methodologies, learning analytics in CBE, and the emergence of learning relationship management systems. Business Wire summarizes the report done by Technavio, a global tech research and advisory company.

How to Streamline Online Testing – EdTech

Advance preparation and solid infrastructure are the keys for successfully administering student assessments. EdTech discusses how computerized assessments in schools speed the assessment process, ease grading, and increase security. IT managers within schools can accommodate hundreds of simultaneous test takers by ensuring that their infrastructure is ready.

Stanford Calls for Responsible Use of Student Data in Higher Ed – EdSurge

Every day, students create digital footprints of how they think, learn, and behave. This information has the power to redefine higher education. Big data can help create personalized learning pathways that keep struggling students from dropping out and that push excellent students to success. EdSurge spotlights Stanford University’s discussions on the use of big data in higher education.

Video: 3 Key Aspects of CBE: Standards, Institutions, and Employers – EDUCAUSE

Competency-based education, CBE, has an opportunity to customize degrees that meet the current workforce needs. EDUCAUSE’s video highlights how communication between higher education institutions and employers is key to the success of CBE programs. Both higher education institutions and employers can benefit from CBE programs if the needs of both are clearly defined.

Check out the video:

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