ProctorFree - Why Online Proctoring Works for Instructors in Higher Ed

Understand All the Symptoms Before Making a Diagnosis

When an ill patient has an appointment seeking a diagnosis, a trusted doctor will go through all the symptoms with the patient before drawing a conclusion. A doctor will conduct the thorough evaluation in a fast and efficient manner. Instructors in higher education go through a similar process when drawing conclusions on the academic integrity of a student. To determine the integrity and honor of a student, an instructor looks at the entire performance of the student during an exam. In online education, instructors benefit immensely from analyzing comprehensive reports of exam takers’ behaviors. ProctorFree provides instructors with all the information about a student’s exam so that an informed decision can be made about any potential violations of a school’s honor code, in a fast and efficient manner.

With ProctorFree, instructors accurately evaluate student learning outcomes in a fraction of the time. Full exam session video, screenshots of the student’s screen, and a timeline indicating when potential suspicious behavior occurred allow instructors to confidently draw conclusions about the student learning outcome. Questionable student behavior is flagged and presented to the instructor.

In order to make the review process easy and quick, instructors have the option to view an entire exam or just areas of interest containing potential suspicious behavior. This feature allows instructors to evaluate student behavior during proctored exams in just a fraction of the time.

ProctorFree’s comprehensive reporting ensures that instructors have all information necessary to draw a conclusion about a student’s learning outcome. Just as doctors should understand all the symptoms before making a diagnosis, instructors should have all the information before drawing conclusions about the academic integrity of a student.

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